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DARS For Sisters
Every Saturday 11:30AM
By Learned Sisters At Islamic Information Centre, R.T Nagar
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by Shaikh Abdus Suboor Madani Every Sunday, 4:30PM-6:00PM
At: Darul Arqam Study Centre,
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Explaination Of Saheeh Ul Bukhari
by Shaykhul Hadeeth Noorul hasan Madani
After Salaatul Ishaa
Masjid - E - Abu Bakr
Venkateshpuram, Bangalore,
Near Venkateshpuram Bus Stop, Opp to Auto Gas Bunk

The Ramadhan Gathreings 2013
Death, A Silent Reminder
14 July 2013
Hafiz Shaikh Abdul Azeem Madani
Shaikh Abu Quhaafah Muaaz Umri Nazeeri

The Life Of Barzakh
21 July 2013
Hafiz Shaikh Abdul Azeem Madani
Shaikh Saabir Ali Umri
After Salaat Az-Zuhr
Venu: Choti Charminar
Elegant Montessori School
About Us

All Praise is due to Allaah. May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be sent upon His Messenger.

We welcome you all to the site where Imaams and Du'aat meet on the internet.

Everyone comes to benefit from khutbas from their home town masjid's & scholarly khutbas from other masjids, have different styles and approaches. This site aims towards the muslims who stay away from there home town & like to listen khutba in their own langauge to understand better. Also to the muslims who by mistake miss the Juma khutba & to the students for their Knowledge.

We are recoding & hosting the khutbas with the permission from respective masjid Imams.

A group of brothers who realised the importance of utilising this new technology, have come together and produced this site after collecting audio recordings from different Masjids starting with Bangalore - India, Insha Allah very soon we will start with other cities in India & other countries. We hope that Allaah helps us and grants us sincerity and then that our brothers and sisters support us and remember us in their Du'aa.

*prayer timings from www.praytimes.org